our dream of roller digital watch revival come true


The 1970s was the decade of space exploration.

Drum watches that captivated many back then have now made a comeback as FUTURE FUNK,
groundbreaking analog watches made possible by the latest patented technology


With higher performance and lower cost,
FUTURE FUNK is a series of timepieces equipped with a revolutionary movement exceptional for a quartz watch—
the time is displayed by rotating a drum vertically much like a mechanical odometer.


1970s, the decade where all mankind dreamed of space travel,
gave birth to countless watches with radical designs.
Some of the newly designed watches show time through a window
by horizontally rotating disks with numbers printed on them.
In addition to horizontally rotating disks,
watches with vertically rotating drums like car meters and airplane gauges
were developed and released at Baselworld in 1974.

Although the tastes of consumers have diversified through time,
one wish of all watchmakers remains unchanged:
to develop innovative products that pay homage to
the designs of the past and also excel in precision.

Watchmakers have been through many trials and errors
trying to develop roller digital watches over the years as they faced various problems.
In 2018, one electric equipment factory has pushed through these problems,
successfully developing its own mechanism for a roller watch
fulfilling a long-time dream of reproducing the 1970s roller digital watches.


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